terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2009

Nice Poker Week!

I had a good week of poker!

First I will tell you a story...

I was excited to play the 4 WSOP Stars Futpoker!

I am still on my holidays and with visitors from England... so I went to their home in the middle of nowhere (Serra dos Candeeiros) and the journey took about 6 hours (left home about 9.00 am and arrived about 3.00 pm) stressing!!!

When I arrived no lunch for me... now I was steaming! But still excited about the game!

I opened my laptop to see my internet... no signal!? Tried and tried...

Yes!!! I found a place where I have one "stick" of network... it's in the first floor, outside on a balcony!

So... imagine the picture of your friend petersimon outside on a balcony at 11 pm in the middle of a mountain, freezing..., with the internet failing every 5 minutes, with his hand shaking to press the button and the other with a gin to warm me up!!!
Still, no excuses... I played bad and I lost!

Yesterday I made two good results!
I made 3rd in the pokerpt league and made 2nd in the futpoker circus!!!

I hope I can keep my poker at this level because I want to make a good Solverde and represent well the futpoker team!

sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2009

Starting Well!

Back to the game!

This week i started well. Not in terms of money but the results were good!

I made several ITM in pacific poker, made several in Titan Poker, and yesterday i made 2nd in futpokers tournement and 10th in PT league! (i was the bubble in the 1/4 sunday million step in the first time i felt robbed! Maybe you can tell me if i have reasons: 17 players for 16 places, the cheap leader with 13k makes raise 2.4K and the shortest make all in with 2.9K! Chipleader fold...! I was the weak link after that and i had to risk... and loose)

I´m feeling confident and I´m playing well!

I hope on sunday make a good result in a tournemet were four brilliant WSOP players are going to play!

Next week is Solverde Tournement and I´m going to play!

Very excited to play my first Solverde tournement specially because is in my birthday!

I´m not expeting a great result, but i will try to represent well the futpoker team!

segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2009

Back from hollidays

I´m back!!!
I spent my hollidays in "my paradise" Berlenga Island. It´s a wonderfull place where i go every year to charge all my batterys...

sábado, 4 de julho de 2009

More confident!

After the downsig I lowered the buy-in and made two satisfactory results:
A victory in a S&G and a 10th place in a MTT with 456 players.
Not much in money a lot in confidence!

quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

I was so close to give up poker...

After a terrible week in the online poker, culminated with a even worst performance in a live tournement i was so close to give up poker...
Yesterday i registered in 3 tournements to decide...
Step to solverde 2.20$ R/A - played well but not enough - 36 place
Step so Solverde 8.80$ Freezeout - played well, still not enough - 24 place
PokerPt league 2.20$ - played very well - 2nd place
What now???

A very special thank you to all futpokers, your words and support untill very late in the night, made me want to win and not let you down.

quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

petersimon - Live but not kicking

There are no excuses!
I´m not even try to say something in my defense because I would be lying to myself!

Playing live is ten times more exciting that playing online.
A small but very good field of players is, without any doubt, the best place to improve and test your poker skills.

Did I improve? defenitly NO!
Did I test my skills? NO!

One thing I've always said and have taught to others is " Worse than making bad decisions is to not decide at all!" That is true in all fields of our life.

I didn't decide... I didnt play... so today I give to myself the prize of the worst player of poker!

Playing about 10 hands... seeing 5 times the flop and 2 times the river in two hours its just too bad!

Congratulations Vimavisi, who played in a completely different style, but very effective! Was a deserved victory!
Nveiga in his usual way, with ups and downs, played very well mostly when he was short! Nice third place!
Finissimo was the man of the night for me! He arrived, he played, he took chances, he dominated the table and he deserved better luck!
The other players Atomic, Pistolin, Rana, Garfield and FilipeJ were very good!!! I enjoyed specially the style of Pistolin. It was really an honour and pleasure to play with them all!

Thank you all for a good game of poker!