domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

PKR - Terminator

I Love terminator's Tournaments...
Was here that I practiced for the Knockout in Figueira da Foz poker tournament!
Its a game that you have to balance very well your game and take some risks also...

segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

An Ode To Poker Stars

Playing poker is a funny old game

There are highs, lows and more of the same.

You win some – you lose some
And on a good day you’ll gain
A few extra points and a cry of ‘Good game!’

And then on the odd day
You’ll storm to the top
And hopefully manage to cop a whole lot

Of bundles of cash which
You can then stash in order to
Play a few tables more

In case your interest has been
Slightly lit then I shall point you
At a good place to sit

In order that you can learn
How to play – the great game
Of Poker in just the right way.

Click the word Poker in order
To find your ass sat with other
Folks of a similar kind

All virtually sat in a virtual
Room – all trying to plot
Their opponents Doom

Raising and calling, going
All in ... Each trying their
Best to garner a win

Of course very few will
Actually Gain anything
Worthy without the strain

Of mentally stressing about
Who’s got what when all
You are is a virtual bot

No poker-face needed
For Poker Stars – just sit,
Stare, and pray for pairs

Or a Jack and a King will
Do just nicely providing a
Queen arrives precisely

Right in the flop or maybe
The river – that usually gives
The whole table a quiver

And now that you’ve got
A great overview, I’ve gotta
Go make a start and chew

My nails whilst I apply
Logic until my opponent’s
Are beat – Poker’s utterly brill.

Which is why playing
Poker is clearly
A game of skill.

Ta daaaa!

quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

Just Now - No comments!!!

quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010

A Week In Poker

This last week has been a great week for me with Poker.

It started out with a victory in the Winter Cup, on Thursday. I then went on to a further victory in the Sit and Go tournament in Figueira de Foz on Friday. My third triumph, though not a win, was in the Knockout Tournament in Figueira - I finished in #42.

I completed my victory 'run' with a 2nd place position in Circo #17 on Sunday, on my return home.
Here are the results of my Victory Cup win:
Not my Sit and Go results - just me, happy, in Figueira:

A pic from the Knockout Tournament (Figueira line-up):
The results from my #2 place win in the Circo on Sunday:

To close, I wish to dedicate my victories to a young student of my military academy, who lost his life last Friday, due to a tragic accident - Pedro Delgado Requiescat In Pace .