terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

PKR top 1000

After 2 months playing hard in PKR poker room I finally reached the top 1000 in a field of about 30 000 players!
On monday I got a mail from PKR inviting me to play in a 5000$ freeroll for the top 1000 PKR players.
The 1st in the top got 12 000 chips and the last 400 chips... not easy!
I was the 953 in the ranking so I started the tournament with 400 chips!!!
I didnt win money... but I won a lot in prestige...
I ended in 162nd place playing against great names and figures from the world poker!!! Not bad at all!

quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

More 200$

sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2009

Getting Solid in PKR!

segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2009

segunda-feira, 3 de agosto de 2009

Solverde #8

One important lesson i learned this weekend in Solverde:

I´m not ready yet to go to events of this level! At some point of the tournement i looked to the players in my table, lokeed around all tables and to the public and asked myself " what I´m doing here?"

In the breaks i comed outside for a cigarette and to relax... all people talking about the hands...odds... and me thinking "What I´m doing here?"

No dought that the best thing in all the weekend was to be with my Futpoker friends! Alvim, Holligato, Vimavisi, Garfield, Yuran, Angelonly, SrReno, Zeni7, RugbyWolf and Abnose!

I wich to thank you all (Futpoker) for all the support you gave me and for all the calls and texts you sent me! I was playing and my wish was to be somewhere with all of you talking and drinking a few beers!

terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2009

Nice Poker Week!

I had a good week of poker!

First I will tell you a story...

I was excited to play the 4 WSOP Stars Futpoker!

I am still on my holidays and with visitors from England... so I went to their home in the middle of nowhere (Serra dos Candeeiros) and the journey took about 6 hours (left home about 9.00 am and arrived about 3.00 pm) stressing!!!

When I arrived no lunch for me... now I was steaming! But still excited about the game!

I opened my laptop to see my internet... no signal!? Tried and tried...

Yes!!! I found a place where I have one "stick" of network... it's in the first floor, outside on a balcony!

So... imagine the picture of your friend petersimon outside on a balcony at 11 pm in the middle of a mountain, freezing..., with the internet failing every 5 minutes, with his hand shaking to press the button and the other with a gin to warm me up!!!
Still, no excuses... I played bad and I lost!

Yesterday I made two good results!
I made 3rd in the pokerpt league and made 2nd in the futpoker circus!!!

I hope I can keep my poker at this level because I want to make a good Solverde and represent well the futpoker team!

sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2009

Starting Well!

Back to the game!

This week i started well. Not in terms of money but the results were good!

I made several ITM in pacific poker, made several in Titan Poker, and yesterday i made 2nd in futpokers tournement and 10th in PT league! (i was the bubble in the 1/4 sunday million step in the first time i felt robbed! Maybe you can tell me if i have reasons: 17 players for 16 places, the cheap leader with 13k makes raise 2.4K and the shortest make all in with 2.9K! Chipleader fold...! I was the weak link after that and i had to risk... and loose)

I´m feeling confident and I´m playing well!

I hope on sunday make a good result in a tournemet were four brilliant WSOP players are going to play!

Next week is Solverde Tournement and I´m going to play!

Very excited to play my first Solverde tournement specially because is in my birthday!

I´m not expeting a great result, but i will try to represent well the futpoker team!

segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2009

Back from hollidays

I´m back!!!
I spent my hollidays in "my paradise" Berlenga Island. It´s a wonderfull place where i go every year to charge all my batterys...

sábado, 4 de julho de 2009

More confident!

After the downsig I lowered the buy-in and made two satisfactory results:
A victory in a S&G and a 10th place in a MTT with 456 players.
Not much in money a lot in confidence!

quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

I was so close to give up poker...

After a terrible week in the online poker, culminated with a even worst performance in a live tournement i was so close to give up poker...
Yesterday i registered in 3 tournements to decide...
Step to solverde 2.20$ R/A - played well but not enough - 36 place
Step so Solverde 8.80$ Freezeout - played well, still not enough - 24 place
PokerPt league 2.20$ - played very well - 2nd place
What now???

A very special thank you to all futpokers, your words and support untill very late in the night, made me want to win and not let you down.

quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

petersimon - Live but not kicking

There are no excuses!
I´m not even try to say something in my defense because I would be lying to myself!

Playing live is ten times more exciting that playing online.
A small but very good field of players is, without any doubt, the best place to improve and test your poker skills.

Did I improve? defenitly NO!
Did I test my skills? NO!

One thing I've always said and have taught to others is " Worse than making bad decisions is to not decide at all!" That is true in all fields of our life.

I didn't decide... I didnt play... so today I give to myself the prize of the worst player of poker!

Playing about 10 hands... seeing 5 times the flop and 2 times the river in two hours its just too bad!

Congratulations Vimavisi, who played in a completely different style, but very effective! Was a deserved victory!
Nveiga in his usual way, with ups and downs, played very well mostly when he was short! Nice third place!
Finissimo was the man of the night for me! He arrived, he played, he took chances, he dominated the table and he deserved better luck!
The other players Atomic, Pistolin, Rana, Garfield and FilipeJ were very good!!! I enjoyed specially the style of Pistolin. It was really an honour and pleasure to play with them all!

Thank you all for a good game of poker!

terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2009

Poker Dinner

Poker is a brilliant, exciting game but for me, mostly, it's a social game!

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet several good players from our Futpoker league over a nice dinner in Lisbon!

'Vimavisi', 'Garfield', 'NVeiga', 'Finissimo' and 'OQC' once more proved that behind great players are also very good people!

It was a good meal where the main subject was, as you can imagine, Poker. We were so focused in talking and knowing each other that we forgot to take a picture to put here, and for that I appologize.

I wish to thank them all for the lovely evening, and also to all futpokers that - even though they werent present physically - they were there in spirit. (Nelbet we all wish you get better soon)

PS: I want to congratulate the winner of yesterdays 'circus' because without us, was almost for sure a tough victory, since we weren't there to give our "chips" ;)

segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

I am a bit sad today...

I am a man with 'good feelings' and my feelings tells me that something is wrong...What is wrong? I dont know... but I will find out!

Meanwhile my head can't focus in poker... and the 'god of poker', like my friend yuran says, is not with me..."If life gives you lemons make lemonade" I also tried that and with bad hands I tried and tried... not working!

The life of a military is used to change and obstacles...Yes I am going to change again... but the only change is where I will work... all my personality will remain and be going with me!

At least I am a "donk" in life... wonderfull daughter, beautifull woman, precious friends, and a good job!

In the end this post is nothing to do with poker...

quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2009

Never Give Up!!!

Poker is a game that just ends when you see in your screen "your tournement is finished".

In this tournement i got to the final table (6 seat) with 869 chips...

The payout was for 5 players... I was the "weak link"

Do you think i gave up even knowing that the opponents had 17000, 17000, 14000, 9000 and 8000?

No! I Went to the fight... and i was agressive like i never was before.

Fight hard... fight to the end!

And Win!

domingo, 21 de junho de 2009


What can you do when you are playing well and you still lose…lose...lose?

I started the week very confident!
I was playing well and on Monday I made 5 times ITM (In The Money)

Tuesday, my nightmare started!

My hand 77
I raised 3x the blind (450)
Someone call
Flop 357 (nice flop for me) I made check… he checked
Turn J (now I can bluff faking I have J) raised 450… he made all in
I called! And I lost!
Did he had JJ???
No.. he had 46


My hand KK
I raised 3x the blind (1200)
Someone called…
Flop 8c As Kh…(great flop for me) I raised the pot…he called
Turn 5s… I made all in… he called
River 7s
I lost!!
Did he had AA??
No… he had J9 spades


My hand AK
Someone All in… I called
He shows 86
Flop 8K6…
Turn x
river x
Lost again!

Maybe I am wrong when I say “I´m playing well”…

One thing's for sure… it's knocked all my confidence…

quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2009

Jelous about Figueira?? Now watch this lunch....

No comments!

No comments!!!

And No comments!!!

quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

The other side of BPPT - Figueira da Foz

Two big lessons I learned in BPPT - Figueira da Foz:

- You should value friendship as though it's treasure ... In our days it's not so easy to find people like the men and women in the picture! (Alvim, Angelonly, Clarawin, Nelbet, Yuran e Gato)

- Poker is much more than a game!

Poker is like life!
Poker can bring you victory, sometimes defeat ...
Sometimes joy and happiness, other times misery and sadness ...

Take chances ...
Take risks ...
Play like you are invincible ...


If you can win in poker - look around and see your friends supporting and waiting to celebrate with you, then you truly are a poker player ... and a happy man!

domingo, 14 de junho de 2009


This is a poker blog, so I will start to talk about the poker part of this great weekend even if that wasn’t the best part for me!


This weekend I went to Figueira da Foz where the BPPT (Betfair Portuguese Poker Tour) was taking place - not to play in the main event (I tried the steps but I didn’t get the qualification) but to play in the Sit & Go.

I was really excited! My first time playing Live!

My friends from Futpoker were there to play in the main event – Alvim, Hooligato, Nelbet, Clarawin, Yuran and Angelonly (like me just for playing S&G) took me to the registration place and we all got a table together!

I was feeling cool, not nervous and excited.

Beautiful table, great players, chips “clapping” in my hand… heaven!
Even I didn’t have a good hand I made a “call”! Felt so good!
I was so focused in absorbing all, learning the most that I could that I forgot to “play”
I went 7th but I didn’t care … I tried to stay in the table eventhough I had lost but they didn’t let me! Damn ... I was loving the game!

After a great night of dinking with my friend Yuran I was ready for a second round.
Alvim and me went for a table and started to play. A tough table full of aggressive Finland players and one Spanish player. Even if I was playing better the hands didn’t help me and I was 5th.

When I was making the registration for the 3rd Sit & Go I turned to my friend and said “I am going to play my game… like I was home!”

I played well… the hands came…

It was a really good poker game, all players doing their best, fighting hard…
Suddenly I was in the Heads-Up and Won!
I was shocked … I couldn’t believe it … for a few seconds I was sat there asking my self “did I win?”

Shacked my opponent hand and jumped with joy!!!


The main reason for going to Figueira was to meet and support my friends!
It was wonderful to meet them and see that even though we are all very different (ages, professions, interests, places and races) the friendship, respect and the supporting of each other was constant and beautiful to see.

They played very well in the main event! They all got through to the second day!
I am proud of them!
Good Game my friends!
Thank you for a great weekend!

sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009

Disappointment or consistency?

I finished 10th again…!
That's the third time in the PokerPt League!

Is it disappointment because it shows no progress?
Or consistency because it's not an easy tournament - where being in the Top 10 is a good result?

In my honest opinion it's a mix of both. And like my thoughts I also have mixed feelings:

Disappointed because:

- I want to reach higher positions;
- I always get to FT (final Table) struggling with one of the smallest stacks;
- I make all this effort and I can't focus in the Futpokers 'circus' and 'challenges'. I still cant play in two rooms at the same time (lack of experience).

Mission Acomplished because:

- top 10 is in fact not a bad result;
- 3 times in 10 tournaments shows consistency;
- I fight to the end showing more strengh of mind.

In the end I will use one of my friends' expressions – bah!

quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009



In Portugal mostly we just thank people when we receive an award or when a person dies - sad but true! And ... no I didn’t get an award and futfoker is more than alive!

I have to say how proud I am to be part of Futpoker. The way they've welcomed me and made me feel part of this wonderful group of people was almost touching! For a beginner to become a part of poker its not that easy. You can download the 15 Poker rooms and you can read loads of books and still you'll know almost nothing about poker! Here in Futpoker I found a place where the interaction - the 'circus' and the 'challenges' that we make between us - is a great school of poker if you are ready and want to learn!

Whether you're a great player with great results or you're just a player that sometimes makes an interesting result (in my case) then it's almost the same - because they [futpoker] will find a way to mention you and to make you feel like you're improving ... and the better results will follow close behind!

I also want to wish the best of luck - even they don’t need it - to the Futpoker players that will be part of the BPPT in Figueira da Foz! We are all with you and you know it!

And to finish ... I want to say that Futpoker not only has great players but most of all - Futpoker
is full of great Men and Women!

Thank you all - my 'clown' friends!

“Poker, Football and Friendship is (almost) everything in life”

domingo, 31 de maio de 2009

How dificult to play Live Poker!

How disappointing!
On Friday I grabbed my woman and set off down to the Algarve - with two thoughts in my mind:
1st- Celebrate our first year of living together and have a lot of fun... beach, beer, great grilled fish along with cold sangria with my feet in the thin white sand with my eyes on the beautiful sea!
I had all that and much, much more - if you know what I mean!
It was a really great weekend!

2nd- Attempt to play live poker for the very first time!
In Montegordo there is a "Solverde" Casino and Saturday night after a great meal in a steak house I filled my lungs with air and crossed the front doors with my heart beating fast but full of joy!

I was sorely disappointed!

I asked where I could play poker and they sent me downstairs. A woman shouted at me asking where I was going! "Playing poker ma'am" - still with a smile in my face!
"You have to pay to go in there and I also need your identification!"
Asking for the indentification is normal... paying just to go inside (4Euros) I disagree with, but I payed because I was really commited to playing live!
Inside there were just few people playing roullete ... and my eyes were searching for the poker table. Beautiful, green - with a deck calling for me - there she was! However ... I didn't run -because only the dealer was there!

"Will you be having a poker game tonight?" I asked.
"Yes! You can sit! It's the 5 non discard game but the house will only enter into the game if there it holds an Ace and a King!"

Honestly - I felt like crying!
How disappointing!
I'd played all the week before trying to get a ticket to the Solverde yet in their Casino you cant play a game of Texas Hold em!

A great Weekend full of joy and happiness mixed with a very disappointing Casino trip!

quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2009

Che "petersimon69" Guevara

The more I play poker, the more I remember about the teachings of military strategy, and how similar they are to the strategies used in Poker. Regarding 'ambushes' one of the most studied men of or related to combat is Che Guevara. Whenever he was at a disadvantage, he used well the terrain and most of all 'positioning', to win several battles that lead to victory in the Cuba revolution! This remind you of Poker? Of course!

Yesterday in a Pokerpt tournament I was exactly in that position. With a 'fabulastic'(mix between fabulous and fantastic) stack of 840 chips, I hid like I was in a tropical jungle - planned my position and timing to attack! Suddenly after two agressives attacks I reached the final table, where in a an 'open field' and with a clear disadvantage I was the first to lose and became 10th in the tournament!

In the end I felt like Che Guevara - when he was caught and shot in Bolivia! Mission Accomplished!

"Hasta la victória siempre" - Forever until Victory
Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009

Behind "petersimon69"

Behind 'petersimon69' is a happy man!
Born in the middle of Lisbon in 19(69), raised in a typical neighbourhood, shy and full of dreams!
Given the oportunity to travel to several countrys - on
three diferents continents - I 'drank' in all I could about different cultures, sociaties and histories!

Marrying at a young age soon placed a lot of responsibility on to my shoulders; buying a house, car, paying bills and supporting my family - whilst in Caldas da Rainha, where I did my Sargeants' course, the military broke my body and built my character!

After some time, my marriage broke down and I decided to began to live and experience some of the pleasures that I never had the time or money for previously; one of those pleasures was playing poker!

Today, I share my life with a beautiful english woman (in the picture on the right) and I try to be the best parent I can for my 'Princess', Catarina (picture above, left) and live a full and happy life!

petersimon69 - The Military Man

I joined the Army in 1990 - I soon realised that I was made for military life!

Loving Portugal, Family, Peace, Friendship and Honor I felt like I was 'home'!

Today I am the right arm of the Commander of Destacamento. I'm also responsible for the maintenance and supplies of this beautiful army barracks - Palácio de Vilalva (pictured below).

segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

After a Good Day comes a Good Sh#t!

The veteran player - OQC - told me one day during lunch "The Poker Player must be strong in his mind".

He was completely right! Wise words!

Today it all went wrong! If I had a pair of K's the flop brought A's ... If I had AK hearts (suited) the flop brought a 3 Spades! But worse than that was the fact that I wasnt playing well with the hands I did have ... maybe I was overwelmed with yesterday results ...

I was playing poker today like a 'comrade' of mine in the army that was marching in front of a platoon with a proud, big smile on his face; not noticing that he was the only one with the 'right' foot!!!

I've always learned more from defeats that from victories; today has been a perfect example!!
Strong in mind, humble in poker! Good lesson!

A Good day in poker!!!

Yesterday was definitely a good poker day!
It wasn’t about money and not because I'd reached all my goals!
It was a good day because I played ‘my’ game! I was feeling confident and also because I won two tournaments with/against players from FUTPOKER: very good players with a lot of experience and long-time poker players!

I started out trying to gain an entrance ticket to the BPPT Figueira da Foz – a live tournament, something that I want to experience! I won a rather tough HU (Heads UP) and gained my ticket to step two. The step two started out very well and after 10 minutes, I was in the top 5. But … one hand changed everything. After that, I was struggling to ‘stay alive’. The cards didn’t appear and in the end, I was 13th. Only those in the top 5 got a ticket to step three.

Playing with my friends at FUTPOKER last night is what I’d call a great lesson in Poker. I’m still thinking about the fact that I won two tournaments with them … but I know I played well and victory smiled upon me!

A big thankyou to all of them! If I’m starting to be considered a poker player (and I didn’t say a ‘good’ poker player!) then it’s because of you, my friends!

domingo, 24 de maio de 2009

Os primeiro "Circos"

Os primeiros jogos que fiz, fui completamente chaçinado!!!
Nem as regras sabia...
Fui à internet e "saquei" um livro de poker, e à medida que ia lendo ia jogando e aplicando os ensinamentos...
Na minha opinião os livros de poker são fundamentais para quem não queira perder dinheiro a jogar poker... só não te ensinam a ganhar!!!
E durante 2 ou 3 semanas andei a chegar aos prémios, mas com uma stack (fichas em meu poder) tão mísera que não me possibilitava chegar as FT (Final Table)

Resolvi largar o livro... adoptar a minha estratégia e acima de tudo procurei ir jogar com os melhores!

E a perder com os melhores... aprendi imenso
E os resultados começaram a apareçer... primeiro 2 ou 3 FT... depois a minha primeira vitória!