terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2009

Poker Dinner

Poker is a brilliant, exciting game but for me, mostly, it's a social game!

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet several good players from our Futpoker league over a nice dinner in Lisbon!

'Vimavisi', 'Garfield', 'NVeiga', 'Finissimo' and 'OQC' once more proved that behind great players are also very good people!

It was a good meal where the main subject was, as you can imagine, Poker. We were so focused in talking and knowing each other that we forgot to take a picture to put here, and for that I appologize.

I wish to thank them all for the lovely evening, and also to all futpokers that - even though they werent present physically - they were there in spirit. (Nelbet we all wish you get better soon)

PS: I want to congratulate the winner of yesterdays 'circus' because without us, was almost for sure a tough victory, since we weren't there to give our "chips" ;)

segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

I am a bit sad today...

I am a man with 'good feelings' and my feelings tells me that something is wrong...What is wrong? I dont know... but I will find out!

Meanwhile my head can't focus in poker... and the 'god of poker', like my friend yuran says, is not with me..."If life gives you lemons make lemonade" I also tried that and with bad hands I tried and tried... not working!

The life of a military is used to change and obstacles...Yes I am going to change again... but the only change is where I will work... all my personality will remain and be going with me!

At least I am a "donk" in life... wonderfull daughter, beautifull woman, precious friends, and a good job!

In the end this post is nothing to do with poker...

quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2009

Never Give Up!!!

Poker is a game that just ends when you see in your screen "your tournement is finished".

In this tournement i got to the final table (6 seat) with 869 chips...

The payout was for 5 players... I was the "weak link"

Do you think i gave up even knowing that the opponents had 17000, 17000, 14000, 9000 and 8000?

No! I Went to the fight... and i was agressive like i never was before.

Fight hard... fight to the end!

And Win!

domingo, 21 de junho de 2009


What can you do when you are playing well and you still lose…lose...lose?

I started the week very confident!
I was playing well and on Monday I made 5 times ITM (In The Money)

Tuesday, my nightmare started!

My hand 77
I raised 3x the blind (450)
Someone call
Flop 357 (nice flop for me) I made check… he checked
Turn J (now I can bluff faking I have J) raised 450… he made all in
I called! And I lost!
Did he had JJ???
No.. he had 46


My hand KK
I raised 3x the blind (1200)
Someone called…
Flop 8c As Kh…(great flop for me) I raised the pot…he called
Turn 5s… I made all in… he called
River 7s
I lost!!
Did he had AA??
No… he had J9 spades


My hand AK
Someone All in… I called
He shows 86
Flop 8K6…
Turn x
river x
Lost again!

Maybe I am wrong when I say “I´m playing well”…

One thing's for sure… it's knocked all my confidence…

quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2009

Jelous about Figueira?? Now watch this lunch....

No comments!

No comments!!!

And No comments!!!

quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

The other side of BPPT - Figueira da Foz

Two big lessons I learned in BPPT - Figueira da Foz:

- You should value friendship as though it's treasure ... In our days it's not so easy to find people like the men and women in the picture! (Alvim, Angelonly, Clarawin, Nelbet, Yuran e Gato)

- Poker is much more than a game!

Poker is like life!
Poker can bring you victory, sometimes defeat ...
Sometimes joy and happiness, other times misery and sadness ...

Take chances ...
Take risks ...
Play like you are invincible ...


If you can win in poker - look around and see your friends supporting and waiting to celebrate with you, then you truly are a poker player ... and a happy man!

domingo, 14 de junho de 2009


This is a poker blog, so I will start to talk about the poker part of this great weekend even if that wasn’t the best part for me!


This weekend I went to Figueira da Foz where the BPPT (Betfair Portuguese Poker Tour) was taking place - not to play in the main event (I tried the steps but I didn’t get the qualification) but to play in the Sit & Go.

I was really excited! My first time playing Live!

My friends from Futpoker were there to play in the main event – Alvim, Hooligato, Nelbet, Clarawin, Yuran and Angelonly (like me just for playing S&G) took me to the registration place and we all got a table together!

I was feeling cool, not nervous and excited.

Beautiful table, great players, chips “clapping” in my hand… heaven!
Even I didn’t have a good hand I made a “call”! Felt so good!
I was so focused in absorbing all, learning the most that I could that I forgot to “play”
I went 7th but I didn’t care … I tried to stay in the table eventhough I had lost but they didn’t let me! Damn ... I was loving the game!

After a great night of dinking with my friend Yuran I was ready for a second round.
Alvim and me went for a table and started to play. A tough table full of aggressive Finland players and one Spanish player. Even if I was playing better the hands didn’t help me and I was 5th.

When I was making the registration for the 3rd Sit & Go I turned to my friend and said “I am going to play my game… like I was home!”

I played well… the hands came…

It was a really good poker game, all players doing their best, fighting hard…
Suddenly I was in the Heads-Up and Won!
I was shocked … I couldn’t believe it … for a few seconds I was sat there asking my self “did I win?”

Shacked my opponent hand and jumped with joy!!!


The main reason for going to Figueira was to meet and support my friends!
It was wonderful to meet them and see that even though we are all very different (ages, professions, interests, places and races) the friendship, respect and the supporting of each other was constant and beautiful to see.

They played very well in the main event! They all got through to the second day!
I am proud of them!
Good Game my friends!
Thank you for a great weekend!

sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009

Disappointment or consistency?

I finished 10th again…!
That's the third time in the PokerPt League!

Is it disappointment because it shows no progress?
Or consistency because it's not an easy tournament - where being in the Top 10 is a good result?

In my honest opinion it's a mix of both. And like my thoughts I also have mixed feelings:

Disappointed because:

- I want to reach higher positions;
- I always get to FT (final Table) struggling with one of the smallest stacks;
- I make all this effort and I can't focus in the Futpokers 'circus' and 'challenges'. I still cant play in two rooms at the same time (lack of experience).

Mission Acomplished because:

- top 10 is in fact not a bad result;
- 3 times in 10 tournaments shows consistency;
- I fight to the end showing more strengh of mind.

In the end I will use one of my friends' expressions – bah!

quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009



In Portugal mostly we just thank people when we receive an award or when a person dies - sad but true! And ... no I didn’t get an award and futfoker is more than alive!

I have to say how proud I am to be part of Futpoker. The way they've welcomed me and made me feel part of this wonderful group of people was almost touching! For a beginner to become a part of poker its not that easy. You can download the 15 Poker rooms and you can read loads of books and still you'll know almost nothing about poker! Here in Futpoker I found a place where the interaction - the 'circus' and the 'challenges' that we make between us - is a great school of poker if you are ready and want to learn!

Whether you're a great player with great results or you're just a player that sometimes makes an interesting result (in my case) then it's almost the same - because they [futpoker] will find a way to mention you and to make you feel like you're improving ... and the better results will follow close behind!

I also want to wish the best of luck - even they don’t need it - to the Futpoker players that will be part of the BPPT in Figueira da Foz! We are all with you and you know it!

And to finish ... I want to say that Futpoker not only has great players but most of all - Futpoker
is full of great Men and Women!

Thank you all - my 'clown' friends!

“Poker, Football and Friendship is (almost) everything in life”